Student Information System (ÖBS)

It’s the Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) Student Information System (ÖBS), which is prepared for the use of academicians and students for all stages of academic functioning, especially for the curriculum, course schedule, course selection and note processing. With this system, students who registered to IZTECH via e-government or by coming up, they can log into the system with their student numbers and passwords as T.C. ID numbers. Academicians can also carry out grade entries and withdrawals on the same system. Students can do the following via the system:

• Add IBAN number with contact details and bank account number on the system.
• Ask for personal information to be corrected in case of an error,
• In the period of add-drop courses announced in the academic calendar, they can perform the course registration or change their course choices,
• View and print the Weekly Schedule,
• View the courses to be taken during the course of the program through the Learning Program,
• View the current Exam Program,
• View the announced notes,
• Access the portal of Distance Education (5i) courses and obtain the resources of the course,
• Communicate the requests via the Opinion / Request / Suggestion Form,
• View the transcript,
• Identify the new password itself through the password change process.