Scientific Research Projects

Apart from providing high standard undergraduate programs, IZTECH, with its technology institute model, is among the most advanced technical university models in the areas of science and technology. IZTECH, aiming to make strategic choices in areas where research in our country and around the world has been increasing rapidly, also undertakes the mission of educating competent researchers in the fields of advanced technology in our country while carrying out original research. IZTECH, which tries to equate the number of graduate students to the number of undergraduate students, provides research resources for researchers with advanced laboratory equipment.

In the first place, IZTECH established a great number of central research laboratories and thematic advanced research centers with the aim of providing infrastructure support to the research conducted and helping to solve the problems of university and industrial bodies.

Of these centers, which were founded with the investment support of the State Planning Organization, Material Research Center, Research-Development Center for İzmir and its neighborhood Environmental Reference, Geothermal Energy Research-Development and Test Training Center, Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research Center support all the research conducted at IZTECH and other universities, and try to find solutions to the problems of industry with all their facilities.

Similarly, Mass Spectrometer Center, Composite Materials Research Center and Applied Quantum Center, which were founded with the support of the State Planning Organization, will soon complete their foundation processes and be available for the use of other public and private sector researchers. With both its central laboratories and advanced research centers, and its advanced laboratory equipment in the departments, IZTECH conducts many national (TSTRI, SPO, SAN-TEZ, SRP) and international (EU) projects.

İZTEKGEB, İzmir Technology Development Region, which has been founded with goals overlapping the main mission of IZTECH to serve İzmir and its neighbourhood and to establish cooperation between the university and industrial organizations, functions within the borders of the IZTECH campus. High Technology Research and Development and Test Training Center, founded with the support of SPO are assigned to the use of İZTEKGEB. 70 different companies, with over 300 Research-Development staff carry out more than 700 projects in such diverse fields as software, electrics and electronics, design, advanced materials, energy, mechanics, automotive, biotechnology, food, environment and defence.

By supporting high value added production,  establishment and development of companies using and producing advanced technology, developinment of technology, transfer and the commercialization of technology, and providing infrastructure and technical knowledge for companies’ Research-Development activities, İZTEKGEB works with a view to improving  the international competitive power by raising our country to a higher level, both economically and technologically.

IZTECH is taking huge steps towards being an important technological bridge in the region with its young, dynamic and productive researchers, the research conducted in strategic fields thanks to the facilities of advanced laboratories in various departments, and its campus covering the İzmir Technopark Zone.