Teaching and Learning Application and Research Unit

The unit has been operating since August 27, 2019, to improve the learning and teaching processes at IZTECH and to research and implement innovative approaches in education. 

  • Organizes activities to research innovative educational practices and technologies and to integrate appropriate ones into the Institute’s ecosystem. 
  • Promotes the use of instructional technologies in teaching and research. 
  • Conducts studies to increase the teaching and learning skills and efficiency of current and new faculty members, staff, and students and provides consultancy support. Provides support to instructors on new and effective teaching methods, strategies and techniques, and measurement and evaluation. 
  • Supports the faculty members in the preparation and improvement of course syllabi. 
  • Assists students to benefit from student assistantship support.  
  • Organizes seminars, workshops, and conferences on learning and teaching. 
  • Advises on preparing assessment and evaluation materials for the teaching process and makes the prepared materials available. 
  • Conducts end-of-term student course evaluation surveys, analyzes course assessments and evaluations, gives feedback to instructors and students according to the analysis results, and prepares reports. 
  • Prepares scientific publications/papers on learning and teaching issues. 
Prof. Sacide Altınkaya  Chair 
Prof. Canan Varlıklı  Member 
Assoc. Prof. Berna Özbek  Member 
Assoc. Prof. Gökhan Kiper  Member 
Assoc. Prof. Tonguç Akış  Member 
Assist. Prof. Benay Uzer Yılmaz  Member 
Assist. Prof. Günnur Güler  Member 
Assist. Prof. Hüseyin Atakan Ekiz  Member 
Assist. Prof. Yasemin Özcan Gönülal  Member 

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Baran

Prof. Dr. Sacide Alsoy Altınkaya

Prof. Dr. Arif Altun

Serpil Tuti Sarı

Prof. Dr. Soner Yıldırım

Dr. Ahmet Murat Ellez