Technology Transfer Office


Atmosfer Technology Transfer Office (TTO) serves as a lean and effective interface between academia and industry for commercialization of intellectual capital and new technologies that emerge as a result of academic studies. Havana TTO was established within Teknopark Izmir corporate structure within the same campus on behalf of Izmir Institute of Technology in 2013 within the scope of TÜBITAK 1513 TTO support program.

With an expert team in the field;

  • To provide consultancy services related to national and international support programs (Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, San-Tez, Teknogirişim Capital Support Program and TÜBITAK’S national and Horizon 2020, Eureka, cost etc.) such as ARDEB, TEYDEB, kamag, Içim, Bideb, etc., to the relevant academicians and industrialists by following the calls related to these projects, to organize workshops and trainings in the project,
  • Industrial unions (EBSO, ito, ESIAD, EGIAD, IGID, yasad etc.) with the cooperation of universities and industry.) to ensure the strengthening of relations with the activities such as promotion and information activities, symposiums, company visits and the invitation of companies to the University, and to take an active part in the writing and execution of R & D projects that will be realized with the possible cooperation that will arise,
  • Consulting academicians and researchers on the acquisition and management of intellectual capital’s intellectual property rights (FSMH), and taking part in managing FSMH contracts,
  • To provide entrepreneurship training for technology and R & D oriented enterprises, to determine start-up candidates, to provide office space for young entrepreneurs and academicians within the scope of incubation center service, to provide corporate and business consultancy,

are the main foundation goals of Atmosfer TTO.