IZTECH’s research ecosystem consists of “researcher human resources”, which is the strongest side of IZTECH, “accessible research centers”, “Technology Transfer Office”, “Technopark Izmir” and “Innovation Center”, which is structured especially for young entrepreneurs. 


Research Directorate

The main field of activity of IZTECH Research Directorate is to determine and update the research and development policies and objectives of the Institute and to regularly monitor and operate research activities. 


Scientific Research Projects Coordination Office 

The mission of the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Office is to provide the technical and administrative support needed in the proposal, application, realization and finalization processes of the research projects carried out or partnered by IZTECH faculty members and to coordinate the relevant units. 


National-International Funding 

In addition to providing undergraduate education at high standards, IZTECH is a research university established with the technology institute model, which is considered one of the most advanced technical university models in the field of science and technology. IZTECH brings together graduate programs and expert researchers from different disciplines with high research and development goals, who are directed to strategic areas in line with the needs of the country and the region. 


Research Information System

IZTECH GCRIS Database, which is a part of the Izmir Institute of Technology Research Ecosystem, is a research and performance evaluation information system that allows searching and discovering research components such as awards, projects, laboratory equipment beyond all research outputs at IZTECH, associating these components with researchers, providing advanced reporting with different metrics and supporting institutional strategic decisions. In addition, it is an open institutional academic archive at international standards that brings together all kinds of academic outputs related to research activities, organizes them and allows sharing with the whole scientific world by providing long-term preservation.