Teknopark İzmir

Teknopark İzmir is a technology park located in Izmir, Turkey on the Izmir Institute of Technology (IZECH) campus. Established in 2002 with the Corporation of İzmir’s Outstanding 21 Institutions, Teknopark Izmir is the fourth teknopark in Turkey and covers two million square meters of land. Full operations began in 2004.

The park supports 1338 employees working for over 181 domestic and foreign research and development (R&D) companies, 83 patents, and an estimated value of 300 million ₺ turnover and $20 million export. In 2015, Teknopark Izmir received the fourth place award based on the Turkey Technology Development Performance Index announced by the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology.

Teknopark İzmir continues to unite qualified technological knowledge with industry by offering the incubation centre for innovative ideas. The Innovation Centre project is supported by the Development Agency of Turkey and will be completed in the near future.

R & D companies in the region are conducting studies on software development, biotechnology, electronics, machine manufacturing, defense, energy, medicine, design, chemistry, telecommunications, advanced materials, food, mining, nano materials, automotive, robotics, tourism and environment.

Within the scope of the University-Industry Cooperation Studies realized in the region, there are university lecturers in R & D companies and projects carried out by companies; in addition, with the approval of the authorized bodies of the university, they can establish their own companies in the region in order to convert their research into products. University students can find part-time job and internship opportunities in R & D companies in the region.

The value added services offered to the entrepreneurship ecosystem under the umbrella of Teknopark Izmir are listed as follows:

Atmosfer Technology Transfer Office (TTO) serves as a lean and effective interface between academia and industry for commercialization of intellectual capital and new technologies that emerge as a result of academic studies.

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The Incubation Center ClassBoom, which is among the added value service units of Teknopark Izmir, is a special unit that develops techno-enterprise activities to support the development of the economy in Turkey and the region and transforms it into output.

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Teknopark Izmir was selected as the official implementing agency for the individual young initiative (Bigg) program carried out by TÜBITAK.

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