Social Assistance and Solidarity (SOYAD) Unit

ZTECH Social Assistance and Solidarity (SOYAD) unit was established to carry out the following activities. 

  • To establish a bridge between IZTECH students and our benefactors who would provide our students with education scholarships, food scholarships, food aid, clothing aid and different needs they may need, 
  • To organize all kinds of support such as storage and protection of lost items of IZTECH students and staff, 
  • Collecting usable goods, books and clothing items from donors and ensuring that they are delivered to students and staff in need, and establishing a distribution store for this purpose, 
  • In line with the demands of the institutions/organizations that would provide Tuition Scholarships, it is to determine the quota of students within the institution and to regulate the distribution of scholarships. 


Contact Us 

Responsible Staff Rukiye Demirayak 

Tel 0 232 750 6323 

Fax 0 232 750 6304 

E-mail Address 

Address Izmir Institute of Technology 

Gülbahçe Urla IZMIR 35430