School of Foreign Languages

The medium of instruction at Izmir Institute of Technology is English. An advanced level of English is required for all undergraduate and graduate students to be able to carry out academic studies in their respective academic fields. In order to train students in English, Department of Foreign Languages was founded in 1996-1997 Academic year as a unit of Presidency and its status was altered as School of Foreign Languages in 2010.

The School of Foreign Languages includes the Department of Basic English and the Department of Modern Languages. The Administrative Board – consisting of the Manager, two Vice Principals, the General Coordinator and the Secretary of the School – and instructors provide the graduate and undergraduate students with an academic level of English.

The education process in School of Foreign Languages can be summarized as follows: The graduate and undergraduate students enrolled to our institute are initially supposed to take English Proficiency Exam. Students who meet the required conditions in The School Regulation are exempt from Preparatory School and start their education in their departments. Students who cannot meet the required conditions are placed at different levels in accordance with the scores they got from the Proficiency Exam and are given English Language training for one year.