IZTECH Alumni Association

IZTECH Alumni Association was founded by 13 graduates in 2003 and its aim is to improve the solidarity between IZTECH students and alumni, to be supportive in the development of IZTECH and alumni and to find solutions to their problems. Our association also aims to bring in the culture, art and science activities of IZTECH by establishing strong friendship and solidarity relations between IZTECH and students and alumni. Since its foundation, our association has carried out a number of activities in line with these objectives.

Main events and projects organized by our association:
IZTECH Career Days (April)
Alumni Meeting (May)
IZTECH Graduation Ceremony (July)
IZTECH Alumni Association Dinner (October)
Monthly thematic chat meetings
Scholarship Fund Project

Side events and activities :
Product Designs
Cultural Activities
Sports Activities

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You can visit www.iytemed.org.tr

to become a member of IZTECH GRADUATES ASSOCIATION and to be informed about the events and activities.