Continuing Education Center

IYTESEM, which carries out training programs in all fields that IZTECH is engaged and specializes; was established in 2001 in order to provide training to participants from different sectors, to contribute to the development of cooperation with public, private sector, national and international organizations, and to serve the Turkish Industry and country development.

IYTESEM aims to present advanced technological application and expertise knowledge of senior academicians with the technical facilities of IZTECH. It organizes training programs to develop project partnerships and co-operation to ensure the transfer and sharing of knowledge. It works for the integration of IZTECH with society by presenting its educational programs with an awareness of social responsibility.

IZTECH is one of the ten universities selected as research universities in Turkey under the Protocol signed with the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. As the Continuing Education Center of the institute, IYTESEM has been providing R&D innovation training since 2012. In addition, with its training in project management and information technologies management, it initiated the industrial 4.0 Certificate Program, which includes many training courses to contribute to the design and development of qualified labor force, which will be involved in the development of high value-added products for “Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0”.