The European Commission (Com) decided on January 2000 to establish the European Research area (ERA) as the cornerstone of the EU’s future activities in this field with the idea of combining and building European Research policies.

In line with this, the EU’s objectives:

1 – Recognition of ‘researcher ‘ as a profession,

2 – Developing an attractive, open and sustainable European labour market for researchers,

3 – “Fifth Freedom” is the creation of the Free circulation of knowledge.

For this reason, the aim is to provide free circulation of researchers. Therefore, EURAXESS can be summarized as a “free movement of researchers” as one of the EU’s macro policies. If we express the full definition of euraxess in Turkish;

“EURAXESS is a unique pan-European program that provides full access to information and support services for researchers who wish to pursue their research careers in Europe or to remain connected to Europe.”

Izmir Institute of high technology (IZTECH) and Middle East Technical University (METU) have been approved by the EU Commission and have been functioning as official service centers of the EU since the beginning of 2016.