The Graduate School

The Institute of Engineering and Natural Sciences provides graduate education in 21 departments. Within the framework of the main structure based on the science-design-technology sheet, IZTECH trains the faculty members and researchers of the future with advanced education and research subjects.

Philosophy of IZTECH programs differs depending on the field. The priority of the departments in the field of science is that while “paradigmatic scientific innovations” and “new technologies” are taught, the departments in the field of architecture are focused on “conceptual and technological design”. The Department of Engineering focuses on a graduate education aimed at “innovative technologies”, which will create high value products, taking into account industrial needs. Interdisciplinary departments provide graduate education in areas beyond their borders, questions and subjects of their own study and intersecting with other disciplines. Graduate programs, equipped with strong education and research staff and advanced technical infrastructure, provide students with advanced level of expertise and skills. The students acquire the qualifications required by both the academia and the industry through various research projects supported by national and international institutions and their theses. Most of our graduates work in advanced research institutions, universities or industrial institutions in Turkey and in the world.