Life on Campus

IZTECH campus is located in Gülbahçe Village, Urla District of Izmir. The campus is 60 km from Izmir, 15 km from Urla and 35 km from Cesme. Although it is far from the center, there are buses and minibuses that provide access to the city and the surrounding districts and transportation on campus can also be provided with free minibuses and rings.

At İZTECH, basic services such as health, sports, nutrition and cultural, sports activities are available. There are 1 dentist, 3 nurses, 1 laboratory technician, 1 emergency medical technician and 1 psychologist at the Medical Center. A-class family medicine center is available and 1 family physician is available. Students and staff of our university can apply to these centers where necessary and receive medical examination and treatment, dental examination and treatment services and psychological counseling services. There are also many examinations related to health problems.

In terms of nutrition services, our campus has a central cafeteria with a capacity of 5000 people. Here, there are two student halls and the kitchen in the cafeteria building serves with a food-controlled system. There are also canteens in the campus area with Kidonia cafeteria and Asmalı cafeteria, Administrative Building, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mediko-Social building. There are a variety of restaurants and kiosks serving on the campus and shopping markets.

In terms of housing facilities, IZTECH is projecting the facilities suitable for its growing presence within 34,000 acres. Currently, within the boundaries of our campus, there is a dormitory with a credit dormitory with a capacity of 1152 beds and a private dormitory with a capacity of 536 beds with a capacity of 1,3,4 persons.

In the sports facilities of our campus, various activities are organized with the aim of spending quality time with students and staff, improving their physical abilities and contributing to the development of physical health. IZTECH offers a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool, indoor and outdoor field sports facilities. There is also a dance studio with body cardio-power development systems and a fitness room outside the traditional sports area in the gymnasium with a capacity of 2000 spectators. There are also outdoor sports facilities consisting of mini golf, tennis, basketball and carpet field.

IZTECH campus has an ecosystem that allows students to spend their leisure time in accordance with their interests, gain a habit of recreation and entertainment, organize activities related to culture and Fine Arts, and maintain the activities of the over 60 community. In addition to kite surf-sailing-diving sports, mountaineering – permaculture and ecological life, nature and mountaineering, photography and so on have made it possible to create many areas of interest in the campus ecosystem. In this context, the communities that are established also colorize and support social and cultural life on campus.


KYK Student Dormitory

The Higher Education Credit and hostels institution, Urla dormitory administration, which serves as the Izmir Regional Directorate, has a capacity of 1032 students (456 girls, 576 boys) and consists of 43 student blocks (24 boys, 19 girls). Each student block is two storeys and each floor has four rooms, eight rooms and 24 students capacity.


In the Life Center located on the IZTECH Gulbahçe campus, there are blocks where graduate/doctoral students, undergraduate students and Technopark employees can stay separately. Social facilities are shared and open to those who do not stay in the resort. A total of 221 rooms are available for guests in 1, 2, 3 and 4 rooms. Each room has a private bathroom/WC, kitchenette (mini fridge-electric cooker), TV and air conditioning.

Health Services

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Outpatient Services

Diagnosis (examination of the patient)
Examination and treatment
Monitoring of chronic diseases
Health report

  • (0232) 750 62 08

Dental Health Services

Oral and dental examination
Digital X-ray, intraoral camera and vitalometer
Dental cleaning with ultrasonic scaler device
All types of composite fillers, amalgam fillers
Root canal treatment
All types of tooth extraction (except burial 20 years)

  • (0232) 750 62 07

Nursing Services

Patient admission and registration
Preparation of weekly statistics of Health Services
First aid services
Application of treatment at the request of the physician
Functioning, sterilization and disinfection control of dental clinic
Vaccination follow-up and applications
Ant (fire, pulse, blood pressure) monitoring
Supervision of cafeteria and canteen in health care

  • (0232) 750 62 08

Emergency Help Service

112 ambulance stations were established on campus by the General Directorate of Emergency Health Services.

112 Ambulance Station, 10 December 2018 from the 7/24 service.

  • 112

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services

Psychological counseling focuses on feelings and solutions to emotional problems. The main purpose of psychological counseling is to contribute to the personal development of the individual by developing decision-making and problem-solving skills.

In consultation with the counselors, identification and evaluation of problems, identifying the objectives required to achieve the desired changes in their emotions, thoughts and behaviors and achieving the goals set, to explore the possibilities for better recognition, understanding and development of themselves within feelings and thought structures, systematic and professional psychological assistance is provided in line with the objectives of developing the skills to find the most appropriate solutions to their problems.

Basic Principles in Psychological Counseling

  • Interviews are conducted in accordance with the volunteerism of the client.
  • Clients are provided with unconditional respect and understanding.
  • Interviews are based on a strong relationship based on mutual trust and cooperation.
  • The principle of Confidentiality is essential. All things shared and experienced during the interviews are kept confidential. The information of the client is not shared with any institution or person without permission.
  • Interviews are carried out systematically and professionally.
  • There is no drug treatment within the scope of psychological counseling services provided.
  • Individual interviews are carried out once a week, in average 50-minute sessions in accordance with the wishes and needs of the clients.
  • Interview times are determined by appointment by the client and the advisor.


  • (0232) 750 62 11

IZTECH Without Barriers

IZTECH Without Barriers Club was founded on November 3, 2009 in accordance with the 8th article of Regulation numbered 26204 for the Consultation and Coordination of the Disabled in Higher Education.

The aim of IZTECH Without Barriers Club is to minimize the difficulties facing our disabled students during their education on the campus and in the dormitories and to provide support for their equal participation into the fields of education, social life and cultural activities.

A disabled person is someone who is limited in various fields of life and faces barriers due to the social/administrative attitudes and preferences in view of their inborn and postnatal illnesses as well as disabilities (visual/functional/mental/spiritual differences) that may have occurred as a result of accidents.

Application to IZTECH Without Barriers Club is on a voluntary basis.

Support areas

Arranging and modifying the campus in such a way that can eliminate the barriers

Creating a suitable learning environment to the students,

Providing them with the scholarship opportunities,

Providing support during the social adaptation process,

Preparing educational programs for raising awareness about the disabled,

Developing transportation facilities,

Providing psychological counseling and guidance services.

If a student in our university feels inadequate in participation in education, social and cultural fields due to any health problem that is in the disability groups, he/she can contact our Without Barriers unit.

  • (0232) 750 62 11

Campus Map


IZTECH staff, and some of the students use the university bus service. Students who take the bus service should pay a transportation fee. In addition to university bus service, İzmir Municipality provides public bus service. Also, there is minibus local transportation between Gülbahçe and IZTECH. The ‘İzmir-Çeşme’ expressway is a comfortable and safe alternative for cars. Transportation in campus is provided by a shuttle bus for free.

By Public Buses

İzmir Bus Terminal – Halkapınar 644 
Airport – Üçkuyular 202 
Basmane/Halkapınar Train Station – Üçkuyular You can travel by metro.  Click here for timetables.
Alsancak Train Station – Üçkuyular You can travel by tram. Click here for more information.
Üçkuyular – IZTECH982 (Bus station at Üçkuyular district)

Click here to see timetables. 


By Minibus Transportation

Üçkuyular – İYTE You can take the ‘Urla/ IZTECH’ minibus from the bus station at Üçkuyular district.


By Car

Üçkuyular – IZTECH

Take the ‘İzmir-Çeşme’ expressway. You can see the enterance of the campus after driving 5 km from Karaburun exit toll.