Career Planning


IZTECH Career Support Center was established for Izmir Institute of Technology students, graduates and employees to support career planning and individual development, primarily to contribute to students’ internship and personal development with the help of the university-private sector and university-public collaborations and then to provide them with contacts in order to be employed in their professional work life. The short name of the center is KARDES.

Internship and Job Opportunities

IZTECH is a research university with an ecosystem having Technopark Izmir, which has implemented the Innovation Center with the first guided project supported by the development agency of Turkey.

This enables our students to work part-time and internships in many R & D companies established within the scope of University-Industry Cooperation Studies realized in the region before they embark on Business life and graduate.

Establishing a Company

Technopark Izmir is home to many R&D companies established by providing an incubation environment for all innovative ideas and aiming to bring together the qualified technological information produced with the industry.

Located in IZTECH, Technopark Izmir is an important attraction Center for IZTECH students, where they can transform their innovative work, projects and business ideas into practice. In this center, our students can establish their own companies such as software development, biotechnology, electronics, machine manufacturing, defense, energy, medicine, design, chemistry, telecommunications, advanced materials, food, mining, nano materials, automotive, robotic systems, tourism, environment, etc. in line with legal requirements.